sQuorum aims to create the world’s first truly decentralised platform for the crowd sourcing and verification of observable
events that also rewards contributors for the data they submit.

A database of databases, harnessing the power of numbers to build a bigger and clearer picture of the world around us.

What is Wisdom of the Crowd?

Wisdom of the Crowd is a theory that the collective opinion of a group of individuals may be more valuable than the opinion of a single expert. This is a philosophical concept that has been debated for over 1500 years.

How does Wisdom of the Crowd fit into 21st Century life?

As of 2020, there are over 4 billion people with internet enabled devices who go about their day to day lives making observations about the world around them.

sQuorum aims to capture some of these observations, verify the information and make the collected data available using Blockchain for academic, business or personal use.

sQuorum is a community research project that works collaboratively to solve a problem by testing
theories, building proofs of concepts and iteratively working towards a solution to a problem.

The sQuorum project believes that it is possible to use existing blockchain technology in conjunction
with distributed computing quorum theory to capture observable data and present it in a useful
format for the world to use.

A game developer would like to make a simple soccer score prediction game.

Data Gathering

A sQuorum user watches a soccer game and enters the final score into the sQuorum app.  This data is temporarily stored by the network.

Data Verification

The sQuorum distributed computing network colllates all submitted scores, eliminates outliers and identifies the most common submitted value.  This value is comitted to the blockchain. Users who submitted the consensus value are rewarded with a small quantity of tokens.

Data Usage

The app developer allows sQuorum users to predict the results of future matches in return for a small fee.  If the user guesses correctly, a large token reward is paid out of future block reward.  Fees paid to play the game are split between masternode operators and the app developer.